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Permanent Makeup
Soft Fill Brows                                     $400.00
Natural Touch Permanent Makeup Services
We offer a wide selection of Permanent Makeup services and we use federally approved pigments as coloring agents. Our Micro-pigmentation instruments are patented and specifically designed for safe and effective permanent makeup applications. We use new sterile instruments for each client. Client safety and satisfaction is our top priority.
Hair Stroke Brows                               $450.00
Lash Enhancements                              $300.00
Thin Eyeliner                                        $400.00
Thick Eyeliner                                      $500.00
Men's Guy Liner  (For fuller Lashes)      $500.00
Lip Color     (Includes 3 Visits)             $550.00
Full Face   (brows, eyes, lips)              $1000.00  
Color Corrections                                 $200.00
Color Corrections  (My original work)   $90.00
Areola (nipple) Replacement Available
Hair filler and scar camouflage billed by the inch
Advanced Permanent Cosmetics
If you have unwanted discolorations in your skin caused by scar/burn tissue, surgery, or vitiligo, Soft Touch may be able to help. After clearance from your doctor, color can be custom blended to match your surrounding skin and implanted right over the discolored area. The results are smooth, well blended and natural. 
If your lips lack color, definition, are crooked, receded, or even if they just need a little adjustment, Natural Touch color can give you just what you need to have the loveliest pout in the world. 
If you are tired of putting on your eyeliner everyday, Natural Touch can apply it for you exactly the way you like it. The most common procedures are subtle eyelash enhancements, thin eyeliner, medium eyeliner, and thick eyeliner. We can also use different colors to produce special effects for exotic eye colors. 
If your eyebrows are sparse, have areas of hair missing, or have no hair at all, they can be enhanced with Natural Touch. Soft natural fill-ins of color are very common procedures, and can be done with a penciled look, a powdered look, or with simulated hair strokes to look more natural. 
Women who have undergone breast surgery in any of its forms are candidates for scar camouflage and/ or areola re-construction. If your areolas are colorless or disfigured, Soft Touch color can help restore your natural appearance with our specially designed areola pigments. 

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